circular clothing
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Long-lasting,  GOTS certified organic basics, without coloring and chemical treatment. Healthy for your skin & our planet.

Your impact

Your purchase is a force for good! It's not only circular, european but 20% of the gross profit is donated for people in need.  


We made it on wemakeit.com!
Thanks to our amazing supporters now we can continue our work and turn cloudburst in to reality!


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Your Impact

Have you ever wondered how much impact your consumption habits generate? With cloudburst, you generate a triple impact: social + environmental + charitable - You can become a force for good!

100% European,
ethical supply chain

Through our clothing we are connected with the hearts and hands of the people
who made them.

We source and make our clothes
from fiber to finished product
in a radius of 1800 km.

By operating a fully European supply chain you are supporting the European textile industry workers and you are avoiding a lot of worldwide cargo shipping meaning a lot less COand other pollutants enter our biosphere.

20% of the profit is seprated and donated

We are called cloudburst
for a reason!
Every purchase has a purpose.

20% of the gross profit of each product you buy is collected in our virtual cloud.

With your purchase, you make the cloud grow and every 4 months the money rains down on people in need, through carefully selected, specific humanitarian projects of charites.

circular by design,

Where other brands see waste, we see opportunities.

We help you to keep your porduct
in the loop as long as possible.

If you would like part ways with your T-Shirt, you can send it back to us, so it will be reused for new products.

If you choose to give back, your T-Shirt to Mother Nature, we can even give you guidance, how you can compost it!

Sending it back is actually better for the planet and you will be rewarded on your next order too! 😊



Through our crowdfunding and pre-orders on wemakeit.com with the help of 181 amazing People, we raised enough funds  to start production, and start to code our webshop-experince!

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We are currently working on our e-commerce experience which will launch very soon!

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About us

We are crowdfunded social start-up, based just outside of Zürich, at the feet of Uetliberg. We aim to change our patterns of consumption for the better, protect our planet and raise money for people in need.

Together as a force for good! 

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